According to Forbes Russia, the wealthiest Businessman in Russia increased their wealth by 152 billion dollar over the previous year

5 millionaires who gave up their Russian citizenship were , Sergei Dmitriev & Valentin Kipyatkov, DST Global founder Yuri Milner, Timur Turlov, the founder of Freedom Finance, & co-founders of JetBrains according to Forbes.

Under the burden of Western sanctions, Russia’s economy contracted 2.2 percent in 2022. But it was still able to export oil, metals, and others natural resources to other markets

Top Wealthiest businessmen of Russia

The IMF increased its projection for Russian growth in 2023 from 0.3 percent to 0.7% this month

Forbes classified fertiliser tycoon Andrei Melnichenko as the wealthiest person in Russia with an estimated net worth of 25.3 billion dollar, more than doubling the figure for the previous year.

Vladimir Lisin, the owner of the steelmaker NLMK and the richest man in Russia according to Forbes last year, came in 3rd on the list with a net worth of 22.1 billion dollar.