Russian military shipments to India have come to a halt as the countries attempt to find a payment system that does not violate US sanctions.

According to officials who asked not to be identified due to the sensitivity of the issue. Russia is India’s most important supplier of arms for border disputes with China and Pakistan.

A top Indian government source suggested using euros and dirhams. The currency used to pay for India’s imports of heavily discounted Russian crude.

Weapons deliveries

Concern over the trade imbalance is also natural, Jaishankar told reporters. “We need to urgently collaborate with our Russian friend on how to correct that imbalance.”

According to the people, is the Indian Air Force, which is dependent on a Russian fleet of fighters and helicopters

Russia continues to be India’s top supplier of military gear. But due to sanctions & increasing competition from other producing nations

In the coming weeks, Modi will meet with counterparts from the United States and other developed countries