Despite warnings of shortage of non-ferrous metal like copper & zinc just a some weeks ago, price have fallen this month.

The price of 3-month zinc the futures on the internationally recognised London Metals Exchange dropped to $2,480 a tonne at one point on Tuesday.

The Global Copper Study the Group, published a prediction on April 28 that showed a 114,000-tonne deficit for the year, down from a 155,000-tonne surpluses anticipated in October.

The consumer hasn’t kept up, especially in the manufacturing sector, The Shree Metal Prices Analyst Observed. “There would typically be a sense of a shortage,” she added.

“The zinc supply situations is getting better as the high electricity prices in Europe have reduced. While demands in China & elsewhere isn’t wonderful, which has led to a bigger decline

Although it was anticipated that China’s zero-COVID restrictions would be relaxed, economic signals of weakness persisted. Which discouraged investors from selling.