China & Indian imports of LNG increased in March as a result of lower spot prices for LNG, which are enticing price-conscious consumers back to Asia.

According to commodity experts Kpler, China imported 5.56 million tonnes of Liquefied natural gas in March, rising from 4.95 million in Feb and significantly more than the 4.76 million imported in the same month previous year.

LNG Imports & Exports

It’s important to note that Asia’s overall Liquefied natural gas imports were mostly stable in March, totaling 22.35 million tonnes,

Europe resolves to Quit Russian LNG

According to Kpler, Europe imported 11.49 million tonnes of Liquefied natural gas in March compared to 11.37 million tonnes in Feb.

United States LNG exports achieved a record peak of 7.79 million tonnes in March, and Australia’s exports, which totaled 7.25 million tonnes, also hit a new high.