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ShreeMetalPrices: Taiwan’s President Tsai seeks peace and stability in the midst of increasing tensions with China


China, which claims ownership over Taiwan, has increased diplomatic & armed pressure to compel the island to recognise Chinese rule.
In the midst of heightened tension with China. Which has increased military pressures on the democratically-governed island, Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, swore on Saturday to preserve the status quo of stability and peace across the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan won’t provoke and won’t give in to Chinese coercion, Tsai declared in a speech honouring her administration’s seventh anniversary at the presidential palace in Taipei.

Since Tsai assumed office in 2016, China. Which claims Taiwan as its own & has threatened to seize control of the island if required, has increased diplomatic & military pressure to compel Taiwan to recognise Chinese sovereignty.

Tsai has requested negotiations. But Beijing has rejected her requests since they see her as a separatist. Tsai has consistently sworn to stand up for Taiwan’s democracy & freedom.

War cannot be an option. The status quo cannot be changed unilaterally by either side through violent means, according to Tsai. There is general agreement that the world and Taiwan should keep things as they are in terms of peace and stability.

Peace and stability

Taiwan is not a risk taker. While being surrounde by risks. As a responsible risk manager. Taiwan would unite with other democracy nations & communities to cooperatively mitigate the risks, she said.

According to Japanese PM Fumio Kishida. Who is also the organiser of the the G7 summit in Hiroshima, presidents of the Group of Seven wealthy countries agreed. They were looking for a peaceful solution to the Taiwan issue.

Tsai stated that Taiwan officials are in talks with the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden about sending $500 million in weapons aid to Taiwan, saying. That the aid was intended to resolve weapon deliveries that had been postponed because to COVID-19 pandemic.

She emphasised the significance of Taiwan’s supply network for the entire globe. Which generates the majority of the most cutting-edge semiconductor chips. She also committed to maintain Taiwan as the home of the most cutting-edge chip technology and R&D facilities.

China tension are expect to dominate the campaign agenda in Taiwan as it prepares for a crucial election for president in the middle of January.