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ShreeMetalPrices: Federal Reserve Delivers 10th consecutive interest rates hike by 25Bps, Dollar bears in control


The Federal Reserve’s 10th consecutive rate increase will probably be the final one for this cycle. The Fed is worrie that tightening credit terms will have a negative impact on hiring and economic growth while maintaining disinflationary trends.

As long as we avoid a perfect storm of hotter-than-expected labour and inflation statistics. It appears that the Federal Reserve will leave rates on hold for a minimum of until the end of the year. Credit tightness is set to cripple the economy.

It should be guarantee that inflation will drop below 4 percent before the close of summer. Potentially even achieving a run at the 3 percent handle. As a result of the lag with housing prices and deteriorating economic activity.

The Federal Reserve should be able to maintain a long hold till the beginning of next year.

The goal range was increase by the Fed by one-quarter percent, to 5.00-5.25 percent. Federal Reserve changed the phrase that read, “Some more policy tightening may be appropriate.”

Replaced it with the statement that they would carefully watch incoming data to assess the extent to which further policy firming would be necessary to bring inflation back to the target range of 2 percent.

They are anticipating the effects of this rating cycle and the outcome of the present credit crunch.

The Fed’s strengthening cycle is likely coming to an end, which is why the dollar is falling.

Developing industry Since the interest rate differential should largely remain in their favour, foreign exchange (FX) will have a good run here. Since 2017, the Mexican peso has risen to its highest levels ever.

The ECB’s harder fight against inflation is now in the spotlight, and the euro is enjoying a great rise.

As OPEC+ comes into the spotlight, it may be necessary for them to follow through on previously promised production cuts and give hints that more are on the way if they want to keep prices stable.

Gold has taken a while to reach new highs. But if the Federal Reserve is genuinely done raising rates, tighter credit terms might be the major driver. As the Federal Reserve’s dovish rise may have sealed the fate of the dollar, gold is rising.

The combined effect of the Federal’s 10 rate rises. And recent financial and economic growth might not be enough to push the Federal Reserve to raise rates again.