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ShreeMetalPrices: Bihar rejoins league of coal, Found 2 coal blocks with large reserves


Coal Mine Planning & Design Institute Ltd. has discovered two new coal blocks, Mirzagaon & Lakshmipur, in the Bihar district of Bhagalpur. The blocks, which will be separated into sub-blocks for easier mining, have estimated deposits of 2.3 billion tonnes and 1.03 billion tonnes, respectively.

The find follows the earlier reserve that was discovere next to Mandar Parvat but attract no buyers. Vijay Kumar Chaudhary, the finance minister of Bihar, welcomed the information and said that. Mining will produce income and help the state’s problems with coal supply.

A representative from the coal ministry claimed on Friday that the discovery of two additional coal blocks in the district of Bhagalpur had increased the size of Bihar’s coal reserve.

After extensive investigation and geological research of the coal reserve and its quality, Coal Mines Planning & Design Institute Limited (CMPDIL). A Ranchi-based CPSE, found the two additional coal the blocks, Mirzagaon and Lakshmipur.

Found coal blocks

In the vicinity of Mandar Parvat, around 10 kilometres from Kahalgaon railway station in the Bhagalpur district. The CMPDI had discovered the first coal resource in Bihar. There are about 340 million tonnes (MTs) of reserves. The coal ministry recently held an auction for 141 mines, placing the Mandar Pravat coal blocks up for purchase. It failed to attract any bidders, though.

Bihar was left without a coal mine after Jharkhand was split off from it in 2000.
The environment-related problems associated with coal mining, according to Bihar’s finance minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary, will increase state revenue.

The problem of providing coal to thermal power plants and other sectors in Bihar will be alleviate once mining for coal begins, according to Chaudhary, who also urged the Centre to quickly and immediately carry out surveys and feasibility tests for mining other minerals in the region.

All of the blocks that have been located and only partially examined. According to a senior analyst with the CMPDIL, contain high-quality coal and could support mining for roughly 25 to 30 years.